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  • We offer routine appointments between 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday

  • Healthy Kids checks, general appointments, vaccines and immunisations.

  • For persons over 65. Bulk Billed for concession card holders.

  • Includes dermoscopy and photographic monitoring of suspect lesions.

  • Casts, wounds, stitches, immunisations, lesion removal, birth control.

  • Allocated according to urgency.

  • 1st appointment advised 6-8 weeks prior to travel.

  • Renewals and referrals can be arranged via Telehealth appointments.

  • Appointments with Dr Andrew Chow can be booked online or by phone.

  • Cervical Screening Tests, birth control, pregnancies, breast checks...

  • Diabetics, cardiac rehab, mental health, asthma, chronic disease plans

  • On Site Pathology is provided by Clinical Labs (formerly Healthscope).